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The Betelgeuse community believes you can also contribute towards the growth and profitability of Agriculture. You are key in the development of this sector. We are fully aware of your capabilities and are tooled up to guide you along the way. 

Just like the natural ecosystem has cycles, our agricultural ecosystem has a cycle too!

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Hear from our Satellite Farmers

I’m elated that through Project Betelgeuse, I get to support global food security in a seemingly simple way.
With Project Betelgeuse, I get to farm from the comfort of my home and I am particularly excited about this.
Naa Adei
It has always been my dream to be a part of the agriculture industry, and I am so grateful to have found Project Betelgeuse to help me turn that dream into a reality. The resources and guidance provided by this amazing program have been invaluable in my journey to becoming a successful and sustainable farmer
Ronald Nettey
Visual Artist